Do the shirts really not shrink?

No, they really don't. We go through a painstakingly detailed development process to make sure the fit you pick is the fit it stays.

So I return 2 of the shirts you send me?

Yes! We even include a prepaid return mailer for Domestic (US) orders. International Details & Sign Up Here ▸

What happens to the shirts I return?

We donate them to local charities and clothing drives. We're based out of Los Angeles, California.

How long do I have to decide my FIT?

One week from when you receive them. Most are able to decide once they put 'em on, but take your time! Our goal is for you to like one, love one, and absolutely “hate” one of the shirts.

You really want us to “hate” one of the shirts?

Yup! That's the only way to make sure you love one of 'em, too. We don't live in middle. We've got 3 chances to find the one you love. We like our odds.

Where are the shirts made?

Made In America
Right here in the USA. Los Angeles to be exact.

Can I buy this as a gift for someone?

Yes! We've got something special for you here:  

I have more questions.

Cool. You can