We're Working On More Fits
We Want Your Feedback
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Development, Testing, Production
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October 2023
We're working on more fits

Fits for:
3XL+, 4XL, and 5XL
and sizes in between
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We've only made them in
Black Crew Necks
at the moment.
And they're only available for the fitting.
But we want your feedback.
We know a lot of brands never have "Real Men" or "Big Guy" sizes, so this is your chance to participate.
Our initial testing has been overwhelemingly positive... but we want more feedback. We want to hear from you!
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  • Nothing to join.
  • No yearly fees.
  • Not a subscription.
Here's how it'll work:
  • We send you 3 different fitting shirts, not just sizes.
  • Try them out! Wash 'em! Wear 'em!
  • Tell Us What You Think!
Then once we launch them in full, we'll let you know what changes we made.
And as a thank you, you'll receive discounted Preferred Pricing for life on all future orders of additional shirts. (More on that later, further down this page)
Try 3, Return 2, Keep 1
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Get Fitted Now
Includes 1 Shirt Free
Regular Price
Limited-Time Only
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  Free Expedited Shipping
Arrives 2 to 3 business days, including Saturdays.
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Prepaid Return Mailer Included. No hassle. Nothing to print.
Our Timeline
Development, Testing, Production
The initial feedback has been overwhelemingly positive.
But we're now opening up these new fits into this public beta. We want to further perfect and refine our new fits.
3 to 4 Months
We're expecting this phase to last about 3 to 4 months. Then we'll move into production early in 2024.
Two Options
Option 1
You can wait until we launch them fully.

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We know this isn't for everyone.
So if you want to wait until we launch them fully and just want to keep in touch, we completely understand.
Add To Waitlist
Option 2
You can try the fitting now, give feedback, and receive discounted Preferred Pricing for life.

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Then, once we do finalize the fits, you'll receive Preferred Pricing on all future orders of additional shirts.
(We'll let you know if we make any changes to the fits you received.)
Preferred Pricing
On All Future Orders
Up to
30% Off
After your fitting
Additional shirts will start at:
Regular Price
Your Price
United States Addresses Only & Subject to Terms
Brad Pitt once asked,
“What's in the box?”
Regular Price
Limited-Time Only
The Fitting:
1-time fee. The Fitting is not a subscription.

3 FIT Theory - 3 different shirt fits icon
We send you 3 different shirts.
3 completely different fits, not just "sizes"
3 FIT THEORY - Keep 1, Send 2 Back Icon
Keep 1. That's your fit.
One shirt is included free with your fitting.
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Send back "the other 2" shirts,
Using the prepaid return mailer. Nothing to print.

That Completes Your Fitting.
Note: You are not charged for “the other 2” shirts upfront. We just trust you to do the right thing, so don't order if you're an a**hole :)
Your Fitting
What “Size” Do You Typically Wear?
We use this as the starting point to find your fit.
Note: Our Shirts Don't Shrink.

Note: only “Standard” and “Tall” for now. Will eventually make “Less” versions, too.

Crew Necks
All 3 shirts will be different fits in the neck you choose.
Note: only Crew Necks are available now. We will eventually make all of our styles.

Only Black, For Now
We've only made these new test fits in Black Crew Necks at the moment. Eventually, once we finalize the fits, we'll expand them into all of our colors and styles and fabrics.

We use our “Shake & Bake” Fabric for your fitting. All Fabrics are available to you after your fitting.
Shake & Bake
50/50 Cotton/Poly - 145gsm (4.3oz)
“Equal parts awesome & goes great with everything. A truly versatile fabric and great for all-day wear.”
Fabric Singles
30 Singles
Fabric Weight Icon
145gsm / 4.3oz
Fabric Blend
50/50 Cotton/Poly
This is the fabric we use for fittings. Why? It's universally loved and good for almost everything: gym shirt, undershirt, and everyday wear. It's an equal parts blend of 2 different fabrics and great for its versatility, quicker drying, and a bit of moisture-wicking built in. It's soft, yet durable, and great for all body types.

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