3 FIT Theory - Tall Sizes - 6'5"
We Got

Tall guys, we get it.

Length without the width?

Yeah, we have FIT for you.

He's 6ft 5in tall, wearing one of our “Large” Fits.

And he's not even wearing our longest Large.
Because “Tall” sizes are a bulls%^t made up industry term used to justify charging you more. We don't do that.
All of our shirts are cut a bit longer so you can sit down with confidence that you won't be mooning the people behind you and raise your arms without fear of midriffing everyone.
And, we include a Tall/Longer tee in every fitting. Even some “shorter” guys want a tall tee. It's a preference thing.

For example,
if you're a Large
But used to buying an XL for the length, then do not “size up.” Just select “Large” as your starting size.
Same goes for XL buying an XXL, you would just select “XL”, and so on.