For The Perfect V-Taper
3 FIT Theory - Muscle Fits
Broad Shoulders?
Tapered Waist?
Yeah, we got you, too.

Between sizes?
Not any more.
We have a FIT for you.
Because “sizes” are bulls%^t and your typical shirts are made to fit everyone. It's a watered-down, run of the mill, cookie cutter approach that just doesn't work.
Not with us. Opinionated fits with 3 chances to get it right. We've got something you can fall in love with.
Room for your chest without a baggy torso. Welcome to better.

Here's how it works:
3 FIT THEORY - 3 Shirts Icon
3 Different Fits
7 Day Trial - Wash & Wear
3 Completely Different fits, all in your "size," to try on, wash & wear.
3 FIT THEORY - Prepaid Return Mailer Icon
Keep Your Favorite
Send Back The Others
Using the prepaid return mailer that's included with your fitting.
3 FIT THEORY - Unlock More Icon
Unlock More Shirts
Colors & Styles
And always in the same fit as the fit you picked in your fitting.
And if you haven't already watched the video,
Now would be a good time to give it a click below.
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Are You Ready?