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Feels Like
a Model
in Our Shirts.
3 FIT Theory - Everyone's a model in our Tees
Not Too Seriously
We Don't
Take Ourselves
Too Seriously
Dammit Dave! You had 1 job!
We Do Make
The World's
Best Shirts
Bold claims. We'll back it up. Don't worry.
No 1 Fit For Every Body
Why Accept BS?

Why do we accept the Bull S%^t?

This industry hates you. Why do you have to worry about shrinkage? And inconsistencies in sizes, even in the same brand? Guessing between sizes and hoping it doesn't shrink. What if it didn't have to be that way? What if something came along and fixed it?
Cut Plus Grade Equals Fit

Shirt sizes are dumb. “Fit” is all that matters.

A typical shirt “Size” is both a “Cut” and a “Grade” (ex: Small, Medium, etc). So a typical “Size” hides an implicit decision about the Cut of the garment. And, there's no 1 “Cut” that works for every body type.
3 FIT Theory - A Fit for Every Body, from muscular to big boneded

A Fit For You, A Fit for Every “Body”

Muscular? Big Boneded? There's no “1 Fit” that works for every “body” and everyone's preference. We send you 3 different fits in your “size.” From tall to small, from big to narrow, no matter your body type, we have a “Fit” for you.
Shirts for Tall Guys

Tall guys? Yeah, we got you covered.

Length without the width. There's a “fit” for you. Sit down with confidence that you won't be mooning the people behind you. Raise your arms without fear of midriffing everyone. Yeah, we got you covered.
Muscle Fit Tees

Work out a lot?

Broad shoulders, smaller waist? Yeah, we even have a fit for you. Room in the chest without being too baggy in the body. We got you.
What if,
You never have to shop or try on clothes again?
3 FIT Theory - Never Have to Shop for Shirts Again
Fit Once
And Done.
Frustrated by Fit
What if
Your favorite brand
actually cared
about you?
3 FIT Theory - Make It Simple
Empowered You.
Gave You Choices.
Made It Simple.
Welcome to
3 FIT Theory
“A Revolution
in Common Sense”
- Tom Hanks*
*Note: Tom Hank's may not have said that.
“Quotes are just more profound when you attribute them
to someone famous.” - Albert Einstein
Common Sense Award Winner 2019 - Best Shirt Brand
We created a
Common Sense
approach to
Solving Fit
3 FIT THEORY - 3 Shirts Icon
3 Different Fits
7 Day Trial - Wash & Wear
3 Completely Different fits, all in your "size," to try on, wash & wear.
3 FIT THEORY - Prepaid Return Mailer Icon
Keep Your Favorite
Send Back The Others
Using the prepaid return mailer that's included with your fitting.
3 FIT THEORY - Unlock More Icon
Unlock More Shirts
Colors & Styles
And always in the same fit as the fit you picked in your fitting.
5 Colors of Shirts
Fit once
and done.
Then unlock more fabrics
and more styles
And always in the same fit.
3 FIT THEORY - Unlock More Icon
Then unlock more Styles & Colors and always in the same fit
Crew Necks
9 Colors
$16.50 each
Navy Blue
Military Green
Navy Blue Heather
Slate Gray Heather
Charcoal Heather
Sky Blue Heather
7 Colors
$18.50 each
Navy Blue
Military Green
Navy Blue Heather
Slate Gray Heather
... with even more to come.
More Fabrics & Colors are available immediately after your first fitting.
We could go on...
3 FIT Theory - Our Shirts Don't Shrink Video Thumbnail

Our Shirts Don't Shrink

What good is the perfect fit if it changes the first time you wash it? Well our shirts don't don't shrink. Yeah, these guys didn't believe us either...
3 FIT Theory - Deep Rich Dark Colors

The Whitest Whites. The Blackest Blacks.

Colors matter. Bright Optic White. Deep Dark Black. Beautifully rich colors. We don't skimp on our dyes. Only deep, rich colors that will hold up and last in the wash.
3 FIT Theory - Extremely Well Designed

Extremely Well Designed.

Blank shirts. No logos. Extremely soft, yet extremely durable. Anti-roll, no bacon necks. A little extra length. Perfect for the gym, as an undershirt, and everday wear.
3 FIT Theory - Lifetime Member Icon on Blue Gradient

Price Matters.

What good are the perfect shirts if you can't afford 'em? After your fitting, you receive Exclusive Pricing. Our shirts start at $16.50 each, any color. All day, every day. No coupons, no BS.
Trust is Earned.
So, we send you 3 different fits,
not just "sizes," for you to see and feel and try on at home.
You decide what fits you best.
The Perfect Fit
And seeing is believing.
3 Different Shirts.
1 Perfect Fit.
We send you 3 different fits, not just "sizes"
Include a prepaid return mailer
And want you to send 2 of 'em back
3 Shirts, 1 Perfect Fit
3 Shirts, Return Mailer Included
Like 1, Love 1, Hate 1.
That's our goal.
Yup, we want you to hate 1 of our shirts.
It's not your fit. Don't pretend to like it.
3 FIT Theory - Domestic Shipping Icon
United States?

Scroll down to sign up now.

We proudly ship to all Military APO and FPO addresses.
3 FIT Theory Logo
Every Fitting Includes:
3 FIT Theory - 7 Day Trial - Calendar Icon
7 Day Trial
Full Wash & Wear
Yup, you can wash 'em and wear 'em.
We want you to love our shirts.
The trial starts only once the fitting has been delivered.
3 FIT THEORY - Prepaid Return Mailer Icon
Simple. Easy.
Stress-free Experience.
Even the Prepaid Return Mailer is included.
No labels to print. No complicated returns. No hassles.
Need even more time? Just email us and let us know.
Your Fitting Includes
Brad Pitt once asked,
“What's in the box?”
Got Questions?

X-Small & 4XL+

Chest Measure Icon
Know Your Chest Size?

We kinda hate size charts,

But without knowing your body type and preferences, it's the best starting point
Chest Size Chart
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