“Finally! The T-shirt that fits me perfectly!”
From Tall to Small, from big to narrow,

There's no “1 Fit” that works for every “body”

No matter your body type, we have a “Fit” for you
3 FIT Theory - No 1 Fit for Everybody

From Muscular to “Big Boned,” we have a FIT for you

T-shirt sizes are Bulls%^t

A typical t-shirt "Size" is comprised of both a "Cut" (or shape) of the garment & a "Grade" (ex: Small, Medium, etc). So a typical "Size" hides an implicit decision about the cut/shape of the garment (like a high sleeve, tight arm, or narrow waist, for example). And, there's no 1 "Cut" that works for every body type.
So, the "Cut + Grade = FIT" and there's no one "Cut" that everyone prefers.

That's why we send you 3 Different Fits

Designed To Find Your Perfect Fit
Free Shipping to You.
3 FIT Theory Shipping To You

Keep the Fit You Like

Send back the 2 you don't
Return Mailer Included. Easy.
3 FIT Theory - Keep 1, Send 2 Back
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3 Different Fits

To Try On At Home

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To try on at home
Blank shirts. No logos.
3 FIT Theory Return Mailer Included
3 FIT Theory Return Mailer Included


Ruthlessly Efficient Packaging
Everything you need. Nothing you don't.
3 FIT Theory Return Mailer Included


The Fit You Pick is the Fit it stays
3 FIT Theory 5 Colors


Then Unlock More Colors After You Find Your Fit
Shirts as low as $16.50 each for Members
3 FIT Theory 5 Colors

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the shirts really not shrink?

No, they really don't. We go through a painstakingly detailed development process to make sure the fit you pick is the fit it stays.

So I return 2 of the shirts you send me?

We even include a prepaid return mailer.

What happens to the shirts I return?

We donate them to local charities and clothing drives. We're based out of Los Angeles, California.

How long do I have to decide my FIT?

One week from when you receive them. Though most people are able to decide once they put 'em on. Our goal is for you to like one, love one, and absolutely “hate” one of the shirts.

You really want us to “hate” one of the shirts?

Yup! That's the only way to make sure you love one of 'em, too. We don't live in middle. We've got 3 chances to find the one you love. We like our odds.
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Expedited Shipping Included
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Shirts That Don't Shrink
✓ The fit you pick is the fit it stays
Prepaid Return Mailer Included
✓ 7 days to decide
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✓ shirts as low as $16.50

X-Small & 3XL+

Our Shirts Don't Shrink,
Note: United States "Sizing"

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