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Give the Gift of Fit
3 FIT Theory - Never Have to Shop for Shirts Again
Guys Hate Shopping
Because nothing ever fits.
So we solved it.
3 Different Fitting Shirts
All in their size.
To find the perfect fit.
Like 1, Love 1, Hate 1. That's our goal.
3 Shirts, 1 Perfect Fit
5 Colors of Shirts
Fit once
and done.
Then unlock more fabrics
and more styles
And always in the same fit they pick
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A Fit for Every Body
Muscular to "Big Boned"
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Our Shirts Don't Shrink
Even in the Dryer
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Made in USA
Los Angeles, CA
What They'll Love:
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Our Shirts Don't Shrink

What good is the perfect fit if it changes the first time it's washed? Well our shirts don't don't shrink. Yeah, these guys didn't believe us either...
3 FIT Theory - Deep Rich Dark Colors

The Whitest Whites. The Blackest Blacks.

Colors matter. Bright Optic White. Deep Dark Black. Beautifully rich colors. We don't skimp on our dyes. Only deep, rich colors that will hold up and last in the wash.
3 FIT Theory - Extremely Well Designed

Extremely Well Designed.

Blank shirts. No logos. Extremely soft, yet extremely durable. Anti-roll, no bacon necks. A little extra length. Perfect for the gym, as an undershirt, and everyday wear.
Cut Plus Grade Equals Fit

Shirt sizes are dumb. “Fit” is all that matters.

A typical shirt “Size” is both a “Cut” and a “Grade” (ex: Small, Medium, etc). So a typical “Size” hides an implicit decision about the Cut of the garment. And, there's no 1 “Cut” that works for every body type.
3 FIT Theory - A Fit for Every Body, from muscular to big boned

A Fit for Every “Body”

Muscular? Big Boned? There's no “1 Fit” that works for every “body” and everyone's preference. That's why we use 3 different fits in their “size.” From tall to small, from big to narrow, no matter their body type, we have a “Fit” for them.
Shirts for Tall Guys

Tall guys? Yeah, we got them covered.

Length without the width. There's a “fit” for them. Sit down with confidence without the fear of mooning the people behind, and raise the arms without midriffing everyone. Yeah, we got them covered.
Muscle Fit Tees

Muscle Fit?

Works out a lot? Broad shoulders with a smaller waist? Yeah, we even have a fit for that. Room in the chest without being too baggy in the body. We got them, too.
What You'll Love:
Everything you need to make a great gift.
Even the gift box is included.
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3 FIT Theory - Gift with Box
A Fully Complete Gift
Great For Everyone,
Even The “Hard To Buy For”
6 Months of
Premium Included Free.
Free Shipping on all their orders.
For 6 full months from activation.
Unlimited orders. No minimums.
(International orders are just $5 flat, per order)
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Don't Know Their Size?
No Problem,
We'll help you on the sign up below
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If they don't like their initial fits, we'll refit them for FREE. We'll mail them out 3 new fitting shirts, completely free of charge at no additional cost to them or you.
(available up to "size" 3XL & United States Domestic Only)

3 FIT Theory

“The Gift of Fit”
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(USD - United States Dollar)
A 1-time VIP Code is include with each Gift sign up,
So they can easily set up their account.
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Got Questions? Need Help?
Frequently Asked Questions & More ▾


What color are the shirts?

You can choose either black or white shirts. Then, once they find their fit, they'll automatically unlock more colors & styles.

Do the shirts really not shrink?

No, they really don't. We go through a painstakingly detailed development process to make sure the fit they pick is the fit it stays.

What styles are available?

Currently Crew Necks and V-necks Shirts. We'll be releasing more styles and more fabrics, too, and their Free Shipping Upgrade will automatically apply to any new styles we launch! They'll unlock access once they activate their VIP Code.

How does the "VIP Code" work?

It's a special code included with each box. It's unique to them and what they'll use to set up their account.

How long do I before their activation code expires?

90 days. This is the code they'll use to set up their account and claim their free Premium Membership.

What if they have trouble setting up their account?

We'll help 'em! We even set up an email specifically for them: vip@3FitTheory.com. It's also included in with the insert.

Can I see the insert?

Yes! The gift box can opened without damaging it.

How is it shipped?

Inside a tear-proof Postal Approved poly mailer for extra protection.

Do you really include a gift box along with the order?

We sure do! We want you to have the best gift possible!

I have more questions.

Awesome! You can  
X-Small & 4XL+
The Gift
Note: United States "Sizing" & a "Tall" fit is included with each fitting.
Both Height (in feet / inches) and Weight (in lbs) are required.
Got it. Do you mind contacting us for that size?
We want to find the right fit. Email us at:

V-Necks or Crew Necks?
All 3 shirts will be different fits in the neck you choose.
All styles will be unlocked and available to them. This is just to give you an option for your Gift.

Black or White?
You'll unlock more colors after your fitting. Unlocking is immediate and free after your fitting.
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Scroll up and select your starting size first

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